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At the moment the catalog works with full functionality - the products can be ordered through our online platform through the links, but if you notice any problems or mistakes, please contact us by email office@dionislab.bgor mobile +359 878 511 295. We are doing our best to complete this project. 

DIONIS – ELENA LTD imports, manufactures and assembles apparatuses for analysis of grape must, wine materials , wines and spirits; assembles and designs systems for water purification. The company completely designs and equips laboratories; provides consulting and methodological assistance. Performs analysis of technical features of wine and wine materials such as - alcohol, volatile acidity, titratable acidity, residual sugars, pH, specific gravity, sulfur dioxide. Performs analysis of technical features of high alcohol beverages such as alcohol and pH. The company also imports, exports and manufactures laboratory and decorative glassware, appliances, equipment and reagents. Since 2013 the company works with oenological products, provides oenological assistance and advice. Dionis-Elena Ltd also offers information systems for  wineries and laboratories.